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Kiwi redux: Google Trends for Websites

In June 2008, roughly around the time when Google made Trends for Websites available, I wrote a post about some sites & their trends. Mainly just trends I found interesting. It’s now June 2009 so I thought it would be fun to revisit the same graphs.

This time I’ve limited the graphs to ‘last 12 months’ as opposed to all-time.

ALL GLOBAL TRAFFIC: The rise & rise of Facebook
I’ve put Twitter in there just for fun. I wonder though if Google can’t see all the Twitter ‘views’ that occur on feed readers, iPhones, smartphones, etc.

NZ TRAFFIC ONLY: Bebo hangs in there
I am actually surprised Bebo isn’t showing more of a decline. I suppose it’s that tween/teen demographic I kind of don’t really care about (sorry!)

It’s tight in E-Commerce
I get to answer my question! We might assume Ferrit’s sale didn’t help because Ferrit is now gone. I think their press release at the time was a combination of “this idea was ahead of it’s time” & “we’ve moved online business in New Zealand forward with Ferrit”. It just sounded hollow. What is that analogous to? The Titanic? The Hindenburg? Thanks for coming Ferrit.

What is that thing they say about slow-moving giants?
I actually find this the most interesting graph. Compare it with a year ago. For TradeMe, let’s call that roughly a 15% decrease in traffic on the average in 2008. Still, I don’t think anyone would be predicting their traffic to drop off over the next 12 months.

The irrelevance of Slashdot
As noted by John Gruber. People are obviously still visiting Slashdot but it is a shadow of its former self. I think it needs editors choosing & writing up its news rather than republishing user submissions.

Proof Of Concept

I’ve spent the last couple of days mucking around with Twitter. I can’t gauge how many people are using in New Zealand yet but I’m keen to get everyone on it.

In a nutshell:
Twitter lets you broadcast “what I am doing” by updating your online profile. Those “following” your profile can choose how to receive your updates i.e. email, text messaging, instant message, RSS.

To understand this, your friends can be “following” your profile and if you’re going out for drinks you can update your profile with that information, your friends get updated and those keen can join you for drinks.

The cool thing about this is that it is free. You also don’t need to update your profile for everyone, it is possible to send twitter messages or “twits” for short directly to individual users following you. If you understand that correctly, it is possible to send text messages for free…as long as they are on Twitter.

If you use an Instant Messaging client, i.e. Google Talk, it’s possible to update your Twitter profile directly from your client which makes that process easy and accessible.

The most interesting functionality I’ve discovered so far is if someones profile I am following is updated, I get that twit on my Google Talk. But if I sign out of Google Talk I get the twit on my cellphone. Which makes sense & is functionality I would want if it weren’t available.

Sign up to Twitter. If you live in Auckland, follow my profile!