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My letter to my MEP representative opposing flawed updates proposed to 2001 Copyright Directive

I am contacting you in advance of the committee vote regarding the proposed updates to the EU 2001 Copyright Directive to express my opposition to parts of it as they are currently being proposed.

It is my understanding that Article 13 of the proposal would see websites become responsible for filtering for any copy written material posted to their site. A complex process that thus far has not been solved perfectly at scale by any company e.g. YouTube. All I can see this doing is stifling start-ups and small websites through an approach to copyright which would seem to be contradictory to the founding ideas and spirit of the internet and World Wide Web which has seen the internet flourish in the way that it has.

I don’t agree with the unreasonable burden Article 13 places on companies. Would Wikipedia exist in its breadth, depth and accessibility today if it had been created under such a regulation? I personally doubt this.

This is not the only article that sounds problematic. According to vice.com, Article 11 of the process is also misguided. To quote from Karl Bode’s article (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3aa5b/europes-new-copyright-rules-will-be-devastating-to-the-internet-as-we-know-it): ‘Spain’s implementation of this concept resulted in Google News shutting down in the country entirely, resulting in publishers actually seeing a notable decline in overall traffic.’

Thank you for hearing my concerns and I hope you will agree and express the same concerns to the committee, and vote against these proposed updates if they make it through to a parliamentary vote.

Yours faithfully,
Dave Underwood