On Podcasting

As one of the unwashed, or one of those without an iPod, Shuffle, iPod mini, iPod nano, etc, I feel like I get the short stick of podcasting. Whenever a website says download our podcast I read that as “download our .mp3 which is probably huge, served from a slow server and then put it on your mp3 player” which I decide sounds like a lot of effort for something that might suck. So I don’t bother.

Even then, once the mp3 is on my mp3 player my fast forward/rewind just spins along until I tell it to stop. So if I listened to 23 minutes of a 40 minute podcast it’s no quick thing to get back to 22 minutes 50 seconds to start listening where I left off.

I’ve listened to some good podcasts and some boring ones. I like Authors@Google but that’s on YouTube, how do I get that onto my mp3 player quickly?

This is what I want so I can embrace podcasting with vigor:

  1. The online podcast market, where a user feedback system allows me to sort by genre, topic, country of origin, most popular, most downloaded, newest, most downloaded in last 24 hours/6 hours/1 hour, etc. A way for the system to make good recommendations “If you liked this podcast you might also like…” Selling podcasts is fine but don’t force them upon me. If a podcast is good, give it away the first one for free and then if ratings and reviews by users are good then it will become popular in spite of.
  2. Here is my mp3-playing gps-driven personal-details-embedded iPhone in my pocket. I click podcast on screen, podcast is transferred to iPhone.
  3. Pull up podcast on iPhone. Meta data describing podcast, user reviews, jump-to-this-point-in-time bookmarks with description of what is happening at each bookmark. The ability to jump quickly between bookmarks and also stop the podcast with the option to return to that point easily.
  4. Let me send portions of the podcast to my friends easily “Export bookmark 3 to bookmark 5 > send to friend with this comment: …”. Let me send it to my blog, back to the podcast market, etc.
  5. This podcast sucks. Let me tell the world from my iPhone by feeding back to the podcast market my ranking and review. Is there an option for the content creator(s) to open/close responses on their podcast? So if they wanted my review is limited to the podcast market or I can feedback commendations and criticisms directly to the content creator(s).
  6. Downloading album art for podcast ala iTunes. What if I want to add my own custom album art? What if I want to share my custom album art to the podcast market? What if I want to transcript the podcast for aurally impaired users and upload that?

rock and roll could never hip hop like this

New Windows XP Themes

Zune Theme (.msi) [microsoft.com]
Double-clicking the .msi will install this theme. You might want to change that wallpaper though…

Royale Noir Theme
Download .rar file [istartedsomething.com]
Extract the .rar into the Themes folder usually found in the following location on standard Windows XP installs: